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The THIRTY3 valve manifold is like no other currently on the market. The design of this valve was to keep it clean and simple for the installer, while keeping it functional for the consumer. We obtained the valves clean “wireless” appearance by routing the wires through the valve body. Secondly, we have wired our solenoids to match the leading controller manufacture to make integration of the THIRTY3 valve a breeze. Furthermore, our valve ports are located in positions that allow for symmetrical airline placement.

At THIRTY3 Pneumatics, we take the installer into our design process by adding features like the 1/8 NPT port on the underside of the valve for the pressure switch. This eliminates having to run unsightly wires to the tank and puts the pressure switch after the water traps which should extend the life of the pressure switch in colder climates. As Canadians, we are exposed to some rather extreme weather and we have designed this valve to allow a heated attachment (currently in development) that will eliminate any contact freezing in the colder climates.

This manifold is manufactured in Canada using 6061T6511 extruded aluminum flat bar ( Billet material). THIRTY3 only uses aluminum made in North America with solenoids operators that are manufactured in the USA by GC Valves.

4) 1/4′ NPT bag ports ports
4) 1/4″ NPT gauge ports
2) 1/4″ NPT fill ports
2) 1/4″ NPT exit ports
1) 1/8″ NPT “pressure switch port” (comes plugged)
-Wired to match the leading controller manufacture for easy integration
-Solenoids mounted to allow for symmetrical air line install
-Wires exit through the valve for a wireless appearing install
-billet aluminum construction (both valve block and cover)

-Valve manifold and cover
– 5pcs 1/4″ Allen plugs
-1pc 1/8″ Allen plug (pre-installed)
-Mounting hardware
Our valves have a 2 year warranty and will be replaced (not repaired). we do require the costumer to send their malfunctioned unit back to THIRTY3 Pneumatics once their replacement unit has arrived

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