Thirty3 Dual Compressor Wiring Kit




When we designed the dual compressor wiring kit, we weren’t reinventing the wheel, just using our heads. In this kit, you get 25 feet of dual 10g wire, that has individual fuses, and relays. The reason for this is simple, We understand that you want to run a single wire so we paired the two wires together. Secondly, We understand that running each compressor on separate relays and fuses is VASTLY superior to running a single wire with larger single relay and fuse….. in this scenario, one component failure will cause both compressors to stop working, where as THIRTY3 dual compressor wiring kit design allows a single component failure that will stop the function of only a single compressor, while it wont effect the operation of the second compressor. This is what we like to call, SMART

25- feet of dual 10 gauge wire
2- 40 amp relays
2- in line fuses
2- 40 amp fuses
1- instructions


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